Allison Creek – Feb 2021 Newsletter Sponsor

Allison Creek exists to help you provide a safe and healthy environment for your horses. While the farm offers boarding, training and similar, the Farm Services Shop offers horse trailer maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. Contracting with Allison Creek is a good option because they are horse people too. They understand the needs of horse people and care about your and your horses health and safety.

The trailer shop’s most popular service is an Annual Safety Inspection. Their mechanics go all through your trailer looking to identify maintenance and wear. They remove your wheels and check all the moving parts of the wheel, brakes, and axles. They repack your wheel bearings with grease. The inspection includes checking your electrical system, floor and frame, hitch and safety couplings and much more. The cost of the inspection is $200, parts may be additional.

Allison Creek also does a lot of repairs and upgrades. They can work with your insurance company in the unfortunate event that you wreck or damage your trailer. Or if you want to just make the repair and not involve your insurance company, they can help fix the damage quickly and for a reasonable cost – so don’t stress if you accidentally dent your tire fender on those stubborn concrete barriers at the gas station. Common upgrades include addition of awnings, air conditioners, and simple things like more D-rings to tie horses out or for more hay bags and buckets. They can also put an electric or hydraulic jack on your trailer, provide steel and aluminum welding, and offer trailer customizations. Below is a short video of a custom divider that Allison Creek staff built. Farm Services can also help you with a wide variety of problems that pop up on horse farms – fencing, pasture restoration and maintenance, arenas, and building and repairing barns.

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