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Community Initiatives

AAHC is here to help the local horse community solve the problems we collectively face and seize opportunities that come to us.

Horses are our passion. Our collective love for horses is what brings us together.

The local horse community is facing growing pressure for the green space our horses require to survive. Every day we loose green space to development – not just the land where our horses live, but also farms where grain and hay is grown, and the open spaces where we ride.

This is were AAHC’s potential comes in – AAHC exists to help local horse people solve the problems we collectively face and to offer opportunities. Our mission says AAHC is dedicated to the growth of the local community so that horses are here for future generations. The local horse community faces such a complex variety of problems that AAHC has A LOT of irons in the fire. It feels overwhelming – but we are not alone – if we work together, then we can accomplish massive goals.

We are working to unite the horse community – to partner with county and state level leadership, fighting for sustainable development of green space, offering education for both horse lovers and general public. This website is designed as a resource for the local community – calendar of events, merchant directory, interactive map of places to ride, articles of useful information – all updated regularly.


Excited and want to support AAHC? Become a member at $9/month! Your support gives AAHC the resources to work on all of these initiatives!