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Horses in Gwinnett County

AAHC Community Initiative for Gwinnett: We are a group of citizens who want to make improvements and maintain the equine use trails in Gwinnett County. JOIN US!

Our first project is improving safety and usability of the equine-only parking lot at Little Mulberry! Sign up below to stay informed on this issue.

How can you help?

1. Ride the trails and make notes about how we can help with maintenance and improvements!
2. Sign the petition form below and read/skim the emails from the AAHC Team when they come into your inbox.
3. Attend AAHC Community Initiative Meetings to stay informed and connected with other Gwinnett equine trail riders. Find the next meeting here: AAHC CALENDAR
4. If you are truly passionate about community initiatives like this, please consider joining AAHC as a paying member. Membership starts as low as $9/month and support projects like this all over the greater Athens area.

Public Equine Trails: Little Mulberry Park, Harbins Park, Tribble Mill, Yellow River.

Information for county residents: Zoning Information for Horses at Gwinnett Residence, Animal Welfare, Gwinnett 4-H

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