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6 Reasons Athens, GA is the Perfect New Home for You and Your Horse.

It seems like every week we are talking to someone who is considering or has already moved to Athens. Our website exists as a resource for the local horse community – but is also fantastic if you are considering a move here.

Have questions? Talk to someone on the Athens Area Horse Community team! Scroll to the bottom of the page and drop your contact information in the form.

  1. Proximity to UGA Vet Teaching Hospital. Your horse will have access to one of the best Veterinary Hospitals, vets, and surgeons in the nation. The University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital consistently ranks in the top 3 in the nation and is right here in Athens. In the event of an emergency, your horse can be at UGA VTH in as little as 10 minutes depending on where you choose to buy a farm or board your horse.
  2. Nearly year-round riding weather. Ride outdoors 10 + months of the year? Yes! In January and February, there are times when it may be “too cold” to ride outdoors, but our winter weather also tends to sprinkle in some warmer bouts during our coldest months. And yes, it gets hot in the summer, especially in late July/early August, but tornados are rare here. Wildfires are rarer. So are hurricanes – though we do see high rainfall and some winds from hurricanes. Our area is often a refuge for those fleeing hurricanes in Florida. It snows once a year and often not enough to accumulate any snow. One thing that is plentiful? Sunshine! Lots of sunny days.
  3. Ample green space to keep your horse and horse related activities. Nestled in the foothills of the ancient Appalachian Mountains, the Athens area features rolling hills and a ton of green space. Proximity to trail riding opportunities – equestrian trails and riding opportunities are abundant in this area, but if you’re looking for an adventure with your horse, you can be in the mountains in just a couple of hours or the beach in just a few hours and can find equestrian trails there too! AAHC is also working towards connected trails throughout the Athens area.
  4. Proximity to showing opportunities. Georgia International Horse Park is 45 mins. Alpharetta (HJ, dressage), Aiken (foxhunting and eventing), Augusta (reining and cutting futurities), Perry (GA national Show Grounds – tons of rodeos, driving, and more) are all around a 2 hours drive. Tryon is 4 hours, Ocala is 6 hours south, and Kentucky Horse Park is 7 hour ride north! So many options for showing within a day’s drive.
  5. Healthy economy combined with low cost of living. Thanks to the pandemic – working from home is no longer a career killing move! Most municipalities in our area are working quickly to bring high speed fiber to rural areas. You CAN have your horses in your backyard! Or at the boarding facility right around the corner. Imagine how much more ride time you could get! Most of our county municipalities are working to bring high-speed internet fiber to the rural doors of our local farms. If you can’t bring your job with you – jobs are abundant! At time of writing this in spring 2022, and unemployment in our state is 2%. TWO PERCENT!
  6. Thriving local horse community. Variety of disciplines are popular here – eventing, dressage, jumping, foxhunting in english and roping, barrel racing, and cutting and reining are also thriving. There are plenty of quality trainers around as well. There are already a lot of horses here so you’ll have plenty of people to ride with!

AAHC exists to help local horse owners solve the problems we face and seize opportunities. We have big dreams for youth educational programs and massive land conservation projects in the works.

Look around Athens Area Horse Community website.
– We have an interactive map of places to ride. This includes boarding facilities as well for those who don’t want to have the responsibility of a farm
– Find the Events calendar here. This includes horsey events from organizers all over the area – If it is within an hour drive of Athens, we will add it to the calendar
– Look for our Merchant Directory. You don’t have to stress about finding a farrier, or hay supplier, or vet! We have tons of trainers listed as well.

Want to chat with a local horse person about possibly moving to Athens with your horses? Enter your information below and someone from AAHC’s team will give you a call.

We can help connect you with local horse professionals, places to ride, and much more!