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Advice and Support

Horse owners in Northeast Georgia have access to a huge network through AAHC and a variety of other incredibly valuable resources.

Equines in Need

A recent question about too-skinny horses from one of our AAHC members prompted a discussion about the right way to help. 

Help with Loose Horses

The team at AAHC compiled this information for our neighbors and law enforcement who may not know anything about horses to reference when horses escape the safety of their fences.

UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital

UGA Large Animal Equine Division consists of a team of board-certified large animal specialists, residents and interns offer diagnostics, medical care and surgical care tailored to the specific needs of your equine. The hospital operates similarly to a human specialty medical center and are passionate about offering the best care possible for your horse.

UGA Cooperative Extension Office – Northeast District

UGA Extension offices translate the science of everyday living for farmers, families, and communities to foster a healthy and prosperous Georgia. Each county has an extension agent that offers services like workshops, classes, consultations, certifications, camps, and educator resources. Your county agent can help with hay, soil, and water testing. They have access to immense scientific research databases and if they don’t know the answer, they can get you the answers you need.

Do you still have questions or need help?

All of our team members have years or decades of experience with horses and living in Athens, GA. And we are happy to chat, answer your questions about all things horse in Athens and/or direct you to resources.