Benefits of Horseback Riding for Kids

Horseback riding is beneficial for people of all ages but can especially improve children’s motor skills and confidence as well as communication and leadership skills.

Two kids and a pony enjoying their day together

Physical Benefits:

Horseback riding is very beneficial physically for people of all ages. It creates muscle growth and balance, both of which are very important to everyday life and other sports. When you learn to ride, you learn proper technique in the saddle, contributing to having good posture. Over time, your coordination will improve and your core will become stronger. After a long day of work or school, spending time at the barn is a perfect way to unwind and relax. Riding is known to reduce stress levels and being with an animal causes the body to release serotonin, which boosts your mood.

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Mental Benefits & Life Lessons:

Horseback riding is mentally rewarding. Your brain must get a mental workout because you must stay alert and focused when handling a horse. You will develop problem-solving skills as you learn how to communicate with your horse and overcome obstacles and setbacks. The reward comes when you have been working at something and finally achieve it, such as a new trick. Horses are great for boosting people’s confidence. If you can handle a 1000-pound animal, what can’t you handle? They are also beneficial to teach patience. This is a very important skill to instill when a person is young, and a horse will do just that. Sometimes they don’t want to cross the grate before the wash stalls or go across the scary obstacle. A rider or handler must learn to understand why the horse is hesitant to do certain things, and that they may need help getting over certain fears. A horse is an animal that needs to be fed, watered, and requires constant care. This aspect of being around horses will teach responsibility.

AAHC President Amanda McCoy and daughter

Social benefits:

As I mentioned before, riding horses helps with communication skills. These skills will carry over into communicating with other people and animals. The horse community has a wide variety of group organizations and events to participate in. You can make new friends, meet new horses, and discover many new opportunities.

In conclusion, it is obvious why so many people love horses. They teach important life skills and help people’s mental health by simply just being there. They also get people outside and enjoying nature.

by: Molly Smith

Molly has been in the horse community for 9 years where she rides and participates in the 4H horse quiz bowl, hippology, and horse judging teams. She owns a paint mare named Pepsi, and enjoys riding and spending time with her. Molly avidly collects Breyer model horses and has a business where she makes miniature tack items.