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Trails & Rails

Jump Classes:   *Break for Lunch 12-12:30*  Entry:   Officials:   Email Amanda or Jessica if you want to volunteer! Rails Classes:  Jump Faults  Dropped Rail  4 faults  Refusal  4 faults  Rider Fall  8 faults  Obstacle Challenge:  Horse  Rider  5- Horse recognizes but calmly proceeds past the obstacle … Read More »Trails & Rails

2023 Membership Drive

Maybe you have already been benefitting from the community here that AAHC is working to organize and have been thinking that you should join for months now… OR you are new here and are excited to connect with other local horse enthusiasts so we can… Read More »2023 Membership Drive

Business Member Logo

AAHC Paid members: You cannot see this page because you are not logged in! Click here to login. If you are not a member, then you will not be able to access this page. Want to join so you can unlock this content? Visit OUR… Read More »Business Member Logo

Equines in need

A recent question about too-skinny horses from one of our AAHC members prompted a discussion about the right way to help.  To get clarity on best practices for our area, a local equine rescuer, Paulette Brown of the newly created 501c3 Redux Equine Rescue, had… Read More »Equines in need