February 2022 Newsletter

This month we focus on saving land for horses, but we also cover upcoming events, weed control, leather care, an editorial about the Rivian plant, and more.

Locals who can help with loose horses

The community compiled this list for our neighbors who don’t know anything about horses and county law enforcement to reference when local equines escape their fences and their owners can not be immediately located

January 2022 Newsletter

New year, new AAHC website! We talk about helping loose horses in our area and the new electric vehicle plant coming to Rutledge. Also Allison Creek is opening a new location, Beanie Crowe is at Starlight, and we have a new consignment shop _ Athens Equestrian Consignment.

Tack Cleaning Hacks

By Kim Gates, certified saddle fitter 706-400-9981; gatesbythecreek@hotmail.com As a saddle fitter I see saddles and strap goods in all kinds of condition. How you care for your tack has a direct impact on how long your tack will last. Taking care of your tack… Read More »Tack Cleaning Hacks

Words Are Powerful

When I am working with a trainer or attending a clinic, I try to remember important words of wisdom or significant phrases that make a lot of sense for my horse and I, or made a strong impression on me. I’ve included some that really stand out for me.  

My Best Horse is My Trail Horse

No matter what breed of horse you ride, or your chosen discipline, trail riding is beneficial for your horse’s mental and physical well being. 

The Spirit of Good Riding

I had the pleasure of attending a two day clinic in Ocala, Florida this week.  This was a unique clinic in that its purpose was to build a bridge between Natural Horsemanship and the discipline of Dressage.  Linda Parelli asked Christoph Hess to help her… Read More »The Spirit of Good Riding

I’m Confused

Let’s look at 5 ways we commonly frustrate and confuse our horses, and maybe if we stop and think about them we can come up with some ways to help clear things up.