2021 Jumper Show 2 – Windy Hill

Come join us at our second Athens Area Horse Community Jumper Show of the winter! This fun, casual show is meant to be a great experience for horses and riders. The fabulous WINDY HILL RANCH with their glorious covered arena is hosting! Kathy Shultz of Farm Fresh Photography will be our photographer.

ENTRY LINK: https://www.striderpro.com/a/VkLAR4OJhU2flAIOL-l71A

We will start at 10am with ground poles. Schooling rounds ($12) are not timed and do not have final placings, as they are meant to be for schooling – the same horse/rider combo may enter as many jump rounds in the same division as they like – one trip per round please. Power/Moneyback rounds ($20) are timed and judged like a normal jumper show – the same horse/rider combo may only enter ONE power round per division.

What is Power/Moneyback:
Per division, $10.00 from each MONEY BACK entry goes into ‘the pot’.
Places 1st – 4th receive a percentage of the pot in CA$H: 1st 35%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 15%

**Business Things**
-Please *email* coggins to: athensequus@gmail.com
-Waivers can be downloaded, e-signed, and uploaded to the Strider portal or emailed to athensequus@gmail.com.
-Helmets are required!
-Non-competing horses are allowed with facility fee.
-Stalls including shavings can be rented for $30. Strip it yourself or pay $5 for it to be striped for you.
-Entrants may add and scratch rounds day of with no fees
-Walk in registration allowed (add $15 service fee)
-Full refunds are available until close date (2/25). Full refund minus service fee ($15) available after that.
-There WILL be concessions sold

Report from the first AAHA Jumper show

“I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend the first Athens Area Horse Community jumper show in December! I had only a month prior bought an OTTB, and it was a fantastic environment for his first show. Everyone was so supportive, and it was such a warm and welcoming environment. As a college student on a very tight budget, it was so exciting to have something local to attend at a low cost! The money-back classes were a great addition to the show, and it was such a fantastic experience overall. I am looking forward to attending more in the future!”

Julia and Player (aka Playground) at the first AAHC jumper show

Julia is an active member of the AAHC Facebook Group. Follow the Athens Area Horse Community facebook page or join AAHC group.