March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the March 2021 newsletter! Show season is kicking into high gear. We take a look at the local calendar, some local boarding facilities, get some tips from a local trainer on taking your dog to the barn, meet a local rider in the member feature, an organization doing great work in our community… and more! Allison Creek is our sponsor again this month, so please show them some love.

We did a poll in the AAHC Facebook group decided that “local horse community” would be defined as an hour or so drive from Athens. Scroll down for lots of fun and exciting links geared toward the Athens Area Horse Community!

Since we are new, please help us grow by forwarding this newsletter to other local horse community members!

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Upcoming Local Events

March is a busy month. We are excited to see all the photos from your horse-adventures! Adding an event to our calendar is easy. Send us an email at

New on the AAHC website this month

Local Merchants – Barns

We are updating the lists of local merchants, something which hasn’t been done in at least five years! This month we updated barns for boarding, lessons, and training. Next month we will be updating the hay suppliers page. If you want to be added to the page, please send us an email.

Ask a Pro – Dogs at the Barn

This month in Ask-a-Pro: a question sent in for local trainer Stacey McCoy on how to make sure your dog is safe and a joy to have at the barn.

Everyday Rider – Blog Post

This is a feature we used to publish years ago when we first started the AAHC website. If you have an idea for an article or want to create something for the local community, send us an email!

Our March Newsletter Sponsor – Allison Creek

Allison Creek is your local horse trailer maintenance, repair, and upgrades shop. Click to read more about how they got started working on horse trailers, their most popular service, and recommendations from the staff. We are grateful to Allison Creek for sponsoring this newsletter, please show them some love for supporting us as we work to grow the community.

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Member Feature – Mary Beth Barnett

Athens area local Mary Beth tells us about her first pony and growing up riding dressage which developed into her passion as an adult. She tells us about her goals, daydreams, her favorite horse show to binge, and more.

We want to feature members of the community in every newsletter. If you want to submit someone for a feature, send us an email.

Organization Feature – Stardust Equestrian Center

We all know that riding has many benefits – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stardust EC is committed to bringing horseback riding to people of all walks of life. Click to read about their therapeutic riding program, comet classes for local troops and scouts, nursing homes visits, and more.

We want to feature organizations serving the community in every newsletter. If you want to recommend an organization for a feature, send us an email!

Need a smile? Check out this gallery of photos from the local community.

We asked the AAHC Facebook group to share recent photos of themselves having fun with their horses! We love checking out photos from our locals and are sure you will too. If you aren’t on Facebook, you can still send us your photos. The theme for the next gallery will be April Fool’s so send us your photo of you/your horse being goofy to our email!


Volunteer Opportunities

Follow this link to connect with local non-profits, shows, and intern opportunities.


Click to check out our map of local riding venues – from trails to covered arenas. Oh, and adding your venue is easy with Google Maps.

Local Merchants

We have compiled a list of local businesses to help you find the help you need in Athens.

Your local county extension office is a valuable resource for horse owners. They offer a broad variety of services for all Georgians. You can get your water or soil tested, obtain information about concentrates and forages… and so much more. Recently, UGA County Extension Agents produced their (annual) webinar series. The information is now available for download. Click here and fill out a short survey to assess the seminars:

Seminar topics
– Equine Emergencies – Dr. Caitlin Quinn
– Equine Vaccinations – Dr. Sabine Mann
– Equine Parasitology – Dr. Martin Nielsen
– Equine Hoof Care – Travis Burns
– Equine Welfare and Behavior – Dr. Carissa Wickens
– Equine Dentistry – Dr. Bess Darrow

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“Look where you want to go.”

I’ve heard this phrase sooo many times in my life. And I can’t tell you how many times how many times I’ve told people to look where they want to go. Don’t look at whatever your horse is spooking at or the chaos going on outside of your ride. Its okay to be aware, but don’t let it steal your focus. Plus if you lose focus, how can you expect your horse to maintain focus? Horses communicate almost exclusively with body language.

When you focus on where you want to go it changes your whole body. Plus if you’re wandering around – not sure where you want to go – then it makes it difficult to get anything accomplished. All of this to say, I appreciate your patience and participation. I am focusing on my long term goal – promoting growth of the local horse community. Discovering the ins and outs, I find myself exploring the occasional unfruitful opportunity trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work.. I feel myself wandering and I think about it while I’m in the saddle. If you have any idea, suggestions, or want to write for us – we welcome an email to

See you at the barn! – Amanda McCoy